Jo. S - First Baby

“I’m so glad I found out about placenta encapsulation in time for my first birth, and absolutely recommend it to anyone having a baby. As soon as I had the tablets, the baby blues started to lift. Next time I’ll take them even earlier! Ella’s communication was great throughout the process, despite it being Christmas time and very busy. She even made us some special keepsakes plus kept a small part of the placenta so we could bury it under a tree when our son was older. Our baby’s cord had a true knot and she took some great photos of this for us before drying the placenta. I think the tablets helped a lot – I had plenty of milk, and I even had to stop taking the tablets in the evening after a bit as they gave me lots of energy. And I gather many other mothers experienced hair thinning/loss a few months after their birth, while I didn’t. I’ll definitely encapsulate my placenta with future births. Thanks Ella.”

Ella Hastie