Aislinn D. - Second Baby

Ella is amazing! :D She is so friendly and helpful with any questions I had!! 
I decided to half have my placenta made into raw frozen cubes which I had in smoothies every morning ( you can’t taste a thing :P) and the other half into the capsules! I wish I had got the whole thing made into frozen cubes! I noticed a huge difference going from the frozen cubes to the capsules! Though the capsules still make me feel better than I did after my first birth. The raw cubes made me feel even better, I can’t rave on enough about them!! 
Ella went above and beyond, including prints of my placenta, some candles with part of my cord dried out! The whole thing was new and amazing to me :D If I ever have another child I will definitely be going through Ella and getting the whole placenta made into cubes!! Thank you Ella :D

Ella Hastie