Evelyn R. - Fourth Baby

I first heard about Ella and The Nurtured Bambino from the midwives at SJOG Bunbury, at my booking in appointment, when I was enquiring about encapsulation. Ella was absolutely lovely to deal with and prompt with picking up my placenta and made sure I got my capsules back in time for the dreaded 3 days blues. Although the baby blues did kick in they were no where near as bad as I had experienced previously. I honestly feel like the capsules kept me on such a high that I was able to enjoy my newborn baby so much more. My milk supply was great and my skin even healed quicker while I was on the capsules. They made me feel AMAZING and overall I felt like I was coping so much better then I expected with 4 kids and I believe it’s because the placenta capsules helped with my hormones. My husband also noticed the difference in me between not having the placenta capsules with previous pregnancies… and having them through recovery for this one. When I approached him about calling Ella, prior to having this baby, he wholeheartedly encouraged me to do so. I would absolutely encapsulate again with no second thoughts and would encourage anyone considering it or slightly interested about it - to give Ella a call and chat to her,. She is such an amazing midwife and so approachable. She is happy to answer any questions you have throughout the entire process - even when she is dropping off your beautiful placenta package! Thank you Ella, a million times over!

Ella Hastie