Courtney N. - Second Baby & Birth Ready Tea

" I met the lovely Ella on Facebook, not only does she run this fantastic placental encapsulation service but she works locally as a midwife and a nurse! She helped me with information and education throughout my pregnancy, only ever being a message away. 
I not only had my placenta encapsulated, I purchased and drank some beautiful "birth ready" tea - that my obstetrician believed aided in my cervix being favourable and soft when checked at 38 weeks, when the week prior it wasn't "ripe" at all.
Although I did have my placenta encapsulated I cannot comment on the results due to a number of unavoidable postnatal factors that occurred and my inability to use the capsules in the early post natal stage.
If I have another baby I would definitely use Ella's services again "

Raegan Zacher