Placenta Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) or RAW method) - $250

  • Includes clear/unflavoured vegetable capsules 
  • PLUS (the optional, but complimentary extras below)
  • Cord keepsake (Choose from; infinity sign, heart, first initial, ‘love’, spiral, other) and
  • Placenta print (Please only select the print if this is something you are really interested in as it takes considerable extra time and effort to create)


Optional extras- $15

  • Coloured & flavoured capsules (Additional $15 for coloured & flavoured capsules)
    -Berry, Mint, Lime, Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Coffee, Orange
  • 100% Chlorophyll capsules (for vegan / vegetarians / food allergy/sensitivity)
    -Green colour due to natural chlorophyll. Unflavoured.

          -100% vegetable matter. 100% Kosher and Halal certified. Preservative and irritant free.

            No dairy - No wheat – No sugar - No corn - No soy – No nuts – No starch.

  • Coloured capsules only
    -Red and white OR blue and white


Half TCM Encapsulation / Half RAW Encapsulation - $280



TCM OR RAW method – Powder ONLY - $220



Frozen Placenta Cubes - $180