BodyWise BirthWise Windy Woes – Digestive Herbal Tea

BodyWise BirthWise Windy Woes – Digestive Herbal Tea


This Naturopath formulated, gentle yet effective blend of digestive herbs helps to soothe and settle the bellies of babes.

Helps to bring up wind, ease colic, cramps and bloating and any digestive discomfort contributing to unease.

Suitable from birth. 

This tea can be drunk by the breastfeeding mother and/or given directly to baby.

Comes with dose instructions from birth to 5 years.

Safe whilst breastfeeding.

Please note although this blend contains Peppermint (thought by some to reduce milk supply) the quantity is very low being one of five herbs, plus the Fennel and Dill help support milk supply. No reduction to milk supply has been reported by mothers using Windy Woes.

Contains: Fennel seeds*, Chamomile*, Dill seeds*, Peppermint* and Cinnamon chips* 

*100% Australian Certified Organic

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