What is Placenta Encapsulation (PE) ?

Placentophagy (the act of consuming the placenta) is very common amongst mammals - in fact, humans are the only mammals that do not routinely consume their placentas!

Although there are many ways of consuming the placenta- encapsulation tends to be the most popular method because it is 'easier to stomach’ for most people.

The placenta is gently washed, steamed (depending on the method you choose), dehydrated and then ground in to a powder which is placed in to capsules for the mother to consume... once encapsulated they look just like regular multivitamins!

Why should I consider encapsulating / using my placenta?

Placenta encapsulation may help to assist the mother following the birth by;

  • increasing positive moods and decreasing the likelihood of experiencing 'baby blues'
  • increasing lactation and breastmilk supply
  • balancing hormone levels following the birth
  • increasing iron and energy levels
  • decreasing healing time and postnatal bleeding
  • enhancing the mother-baby bond (due to oxytocin)
  • strengthening the immune system
  • encouraging the uterus to return to pre-pregnancy size/shape

What can I hope to expect from taking my own placenta capsules?

Just like each baby and each pregnancy is different, so is each woman’s experience with Placenta Encapsulation. Although the results differ from one woman to the next - there are some common findings noted (see above). 

You can also read our beautiful reviews and testimonials, by clicking HERE.

How do I book my placenta encapsulation service?

If you have all of the information you need and want to proceed - you can simply BOOK ONLINE. If you have any queries, please feel free to CONTACT ME

Once I have approved your booking application, you will be sent an email for confirmation. This email will outline all of the important information you need to know BEFORE and AFTER the birth of your baby, with regards to storage, handling and my contact information.

How many capsules will I receive and how long will they last?

The number of capsules you receive will depend on your chosen method (see below) and the size of your placenta. In my experience you typically receive between 90 and 180 capsules which will generally last you between 2 and 4 months postpartum.

Dosage instructions are included with your package, although it is recommended that you take the capsules at least daily for the first 6 weeks. You may reduce or increase the dose according to your individual milk supply, energy levels and mood – every woman is different during this time. It is important that you DO NOT take capsules if you have a fever, infection or are suffering from flu-like symptoms

When stored correctly the capsules can last for several months. We recommend keeping your capsules refrigerated (or in a cool, dry place) for the first 6 weeks, before then transferring to the freezer. Any remaining capsules can be taken to regulate hormones or in times of increased demand and stress (i.e returning to work, lacking energy, return of menstrual cycle). 

What methods of placenta encapsulation can I choose from?

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM)

♥Placenta is washed, steamed, and dehydrated (Temp 52-55°C)

♥Believed to warm the body - Yang (Yin and Yang principles)

♥Produces lower number of capsules (approx. 70-120)

♥Based on method and documented practices for centuries

♥Provides more protection against bacteria – due to high heat during steaming

♥For those wanting mood enhancement/stabilising

♥Virtually no ‘use by’ date

♥Best prepared within 72 hours of birth

♥Recommended for mood stabilising, milk production, promotes healing, increased energy and reduced bleeding 


Raw Method

Placenta is washed and dehydrated (Temp 40-45°C)

♥Believed to cool the body - Yin (Yin and Yang principles)

♥Produces higher number of capsules (approx. 100-200)

♥Modern adaptation of traditional method, believed to retain more nutrients and hormones due to less processing and lower dehydration temperatures

♥Suitable for mothers who believe in the benefits of eating ‘raw foods’

♥For those wanting increasing energy

♥Use within 12 months

♥Best prepared within 24-36 hours of birth

♥Recommended for women seeking enhanced energy, milk production, promotes healing, reduced bleeding

NOT recommended for women with a history of anxiety, depression or postnatal depression

What other options are available for my placenta?

Half/Half Encapsulation: We can also provide you with half/half placenta capsules (half TCM and half RAW method). Which is a result of processing your placenta in two different methods

Frozen Placenta Cubes: If you wish to use your placenta in smoothies (just add fruit, other ingredients), then we also offer frozen placenta cubes which will be supplied to you in ice cube trays, still frozen **client must be available for delivery 

Powder ONLY: If you wish to receive just the processed placenta powder (NOT in capsules) from either OR both methods above, we can arrange this also.

We offer combinations of the above methods also, please CONTACT US for more information

How do I get my placenta to you for encapsulation?

As part of our service - we provide collection of the placenta and delivery of your capsules to you at an agreed upon location – this is usually your home or the hospital you birth at. This collection/delivery service is for women between Margaret River and Mandurah – travel fees may apply, see Location Zoning.

Alternatively, we can arrange to post your capsules back to you which may result in a reduced travel fee. 

YES! We also service Perth areas - please CONTACT US to discuss this

What areas does The Nurtured Bambino service?

Zoning – collection and delivery is included for bookings within a 30 kilometre radius of Capel.

This includes the below listed suburbs (postcodes 6229, 6230, 6236, 6237, 6239, 6251, 6271, 6275, 6280) : 

(Picton, Picton East, Bunbury, Carey Park, College Grove, Dalyellup, Davenport, East Bunbury, Gelorup ,Glen Iris ,South Bunbury, Usher, Withers, Crooked Brook, Dardanup, Dardanup West, Boyanup, Elgin, Gwindinup, North Boyanup, Stratham, The Plains, Argyle, Beelerup, Donnybrook, Paynedale, Upper Capel, Newlands, Capel, Capel River, Forrest Beach, Peppermint Grove Beach, Stirling Estate, Barrabup, Jarrahwood, Yoganup, Abba River, Acton Park, Ambergate, Bovell, Broadwater, Busselton, Geographe, Hithergreen, Kalgup, Ludlow, Reinscourt, Ruabon, Sabina River, Tutunup, Vasse, West Busselton, Wonnerup, Yalyalup, Yoongarillup)

A small travel fee applies to locations outside of this range. Please see the Location Zoning Page.

When should I book the service?

Although there is no ‘perfect time’ to book, I do advise booking in for this service at your earliest convenience to ensure I have availability.

Some women choose to book this service during the first trimester, however others wait till their second/third trimester. We accept bookings on a first in, first served basis - so please book early to avoid disappointment.

You can book online HERE - it is fast and easy to book in for any of our services. You can even order herbal tea and other herbal products you want from our online store at the same time! You can also HIRE from our range of equipment - coming soon!

What do the capsules look and taste like?

I use size ‘0’ gelatin capsules, which are clear, odourless and tasteless. Once completed, your placenta capsules will look just like a regular multivitamin or probiotic you would buy off the shelf. The contents is a mixture of coarse and fine powder.

Please note: I have coloured and/or flavoured capsules available (at an additional cost of $15) for those clients who struggle with swallowing tablets/capsules. There is a variety of colours and flavours to choose from (Berry, Mint, Lime, Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Coffee, Orange). These are designed to make it easier for you to take your capsules daily. These are also odourless.

**We also stock Chlorophyll capsules (for vegan / vegetarians / food allergies/sensitivity). Green colour due to natural chlorophyll. Unflavoured.**

Is anything else put in the capsules with the dried placenta?

No, the contents of the capsules is 100% your placenta. There are no added ingredients or nasty extras/fillers included.

What sanitation precautions are taken? What certifications do you hold for this work?

Your health and safety is our top priority. The methods we use for all placenta services consists of rigorous sanitation precautions. We ensure all equipment and any supplies/equipment utilised are either food-grade plastic, stainless steel or disposable (one use per client). All equipment is then thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade, anti-viral disinfectant and strong bleach solutions.

As part of my training I have completed the completed the Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators with Biologix Solutions (CFR1910.1030). I also hold a certificate for Using Hygiene Practices for Food Safety (SITXFSA101) through the Hospitality Institute of Australasia. 

With the bonus of our Encapsulation Specialist also being a Registered Nurse / Midwife, you can be certain that you and your placenta are in safe hands.

The Nurtured Bambino is a proud verified member of Placenta Services Australia, which means our qualifications, certificates and clearances to perform Placenta Encapsulation have been sighted and verified by the organisation.

All the above is strictly implemented to ensure your placenta is kept healthy and safe for your consumption once encapsulated. Therefore, we take the utmost care to provide you with information regarding transportation and storage of your placenta (even before we collect it).

How can I be assured I will receive capsules from my own placenta?

As a precaution (and due to my crazy busy work schedule), I limit the number of bookings I take each month. To date, I have never had more than one placenta in my possession at any one time.

For your peace of mind and for the health and safety of all of my clients - I only work with one placenta from start to finish ensuring that the above-mentioned sanitation precautions are completed. I personally label all placenta containers with the client's name and DOB and store them in a dedicated placenta fridge next to my work space until I can start the encapsulation process.

Can I still encapsulate my placenta if….

Drugs were used in labour and for delivery? – YES

I have a caesarean (booked OR emergency)? – YES

I have a water birth or lotus birth? – YES

We chose for delayed or immediate cord clamping? – YES

There was meconium in my waters or at the birth? – YES

I tested positive for Group B Strep? – YES

It had calcifications? – YES

We want to do cord blood banking? – YES

I developed pre-eclampsia in late pregnancy or during labour? – YES

I have gestational diabetes? – YES

My baby was premature or of low birth weight? – YES

I have twins or triplets? – YES, (please note extra $50 surcharge applies for twin placentas & $80 surcharge for triplets)

** Please CONTACT US to discuss the following **

If I have smoked throughout my pregnancy.

If I gave birth many months ago and it is still in my freezer.

When it is NOT possible to encapsulate a placenta?

If your placenta was poorly handled and / or stored inappropriately following the birth (As per the Terms and Conditions)

If there was a systemic infection (i.e. chorioamnionitis) suspected for mother or baby

If the WHOLE placenta was sent to pathology for testing (You can request that a small sample of your placenta is taken instead)

What happens if you are not available to encapsulate my placenta when I’ve had my baby?

If I am unable to collect your placenta (I am attending a birth - as a midwife, working long shifts, illness or being away unexpectedly) and I am not able encapsulate your placenta within a suitable time frame, I will request the services of my trusted backup specialist. 

My backup provider is fully trained and is an experienced Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. She is a doula, and mother of four, and therefore understands and respects this special bonding time. Should any of the above situation arise, I will advise you as soon as possible and contact my backup specialist to get in touch with you to arrange collection and encapsulation of your placenta.

If I am unavailable to provide the service and my back up specialist is unavailable – the placenta can be frozen and encapsulated as soon as possible. If after this the service cannot be carried out – a full refund will be given.

Do I pay upfront or after I receive the capsules? Can I pay by instalments?

Full payment is required upfront when you book in for this service. 

This confirms your booking in my planner. There is nothing worse than worrying about having cash on hand for the collection / delivery of your placenta, therefore we request for payment upfront. This way all of your focus and attention can be on your beautiful baby, and this incredibly special time in your family's life.

**Please CONTACT US if you wish to pay by instalments. This will only be offered at my discretion, following discussion between myself and the client.

What happens if my baby comes earlier or later than my due date?

As we all know - birth can be unpredictable and very... surprising or quick !!

Most babies are born within 1 month of their ‘estimated due date’ and this is factored into my schedule, therefore as part of this service I am on call for 2 weeks either side of your estimated due date so I can collect your placenta and start the process ASAP to ensure you get all the benefits your placenta has to offer.

What happens if I give birth in the middle of the night?

Each hospital has different policies with regards to storing the placenta. It is ideal if the placenta can be stored in a fridge (within 3 hours of birth) on your behalf whilst awaiting collection. You will need to inform your care providers on your decision to keep the placenta and ask what their policy is for releasing your placenta. As per our Terms and Conditions, failure to transport/store the placenta correctly may result in cancellation of your encapsulation due to health and safety issues

More information about the handling, storage, transportation and other factors you’ll need to consider, can be found within the 'Important Information', which is a confirmation letter emailed to you when you book in for the service.