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The Birth of The Nurtured Bambino

Hi! My name is Ella :)
I am the bubbly, young woman behind The Nurtured Bambino. I am your local Placenta Encapsulation Specialist for the southwest Region of Western Australia.
I am also a Registered Nurse and Midwife.

 I started The Nurtured Bambino in 2016 after identifying a lack of alternative products and services available locally for women - specifically for pregnancy, labour and birth, and the postnatal period. 

My desire to help people and to make a difference began at an early age – I always knew I wanted to be a Nurse, just like my wonderful Nan. It wasn’t until I Registered as a Nurse and worked amongst some incredible Midwives that I realised my true calling and passion in life was supporting women and their families through this wonderful time.

I am extremely passionate about providing personalised and woman-centered care to my clients. I love to support women through all aspects of the childbearing continuum, both through my paid employment, as well as through The Nurtured Bambino. I believe in treating your body as a temple and nourishing yourself from the inside out to achieve a happy and healthy transition into motherhood. My favourite part about being present during labour and witnessing a child being born is witnessing parents being ‘born’ also. 

It is my strong belief that every woman should be supported and nurtured during this beautiful time in their lives, and that it is important to give back to the body that has been nurturing / has nurtured your bambino/s for 9+ months

As a Registered Nurse / Midwife and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, I have sound knowledge of infection control practices. I pride myself on the cleanliness and hygienic practices I follow to keep my clients healthy, happy and safe. I enjoy providing my clients with friendly customer service and a wide-range of products and services that are designed to support every woman throughout the many different stages of their journey into motherhood.

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